Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

UHF RFID Reader for the Raspberry Pi

The following tutorial shows, how to use a UHF RFID reader with a Raspberry Pi.

Hardware checklist:

  • Raspeberry PI
  • SD-Card with Raspbian Wheezy installed
  • PUR-Dongle-100U or any RF-Embedded reader

Here is the setup:

To test the interface to the RFID reader, we just create a tunnel from the RFID reader to a PC. Therefore we use the tool socat, but first things first.

When we boot up the Raspbian, we can see in the log, that the PUR-Dongle-100U is automatically detected and attached as ttyACM0:
Output of  ls /dev

So now we have the device attached, we need to forward it. This can be done by the tool socat, which is not installed by default. So we have to load it:
sudo apt-get install socat

After this is done, we can use socat to open the device and forward it directly to a TCP port, so that we can communicate with it. Therefore we can use the following command:
socat TCP-LISTEN:52460,fork  /dev/ttyACM0,raw,echo=0

The next step is to open the TCP port with the Reader Suite:
Open the reader from the Raspberry IP and the specified port 52460

With pressing OK the socket will be opened … et voilà

Now we can start detecting tags.

Identify new applications!