Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

UHF RFID Temperature Integration

RF-Embedded releases updates for all tools:
  • PUR Reader Firmware v2.04
  • SDK v1.09
  •  Reader Suite 1.61.24c

PUR Reader Firmware v2.04
The major change of the PUR Reader Firmware is the implementation of a Custom-Tag-Command, which allows you to send any custom commands to the tag. This is especially needed for the new tag generations that offer special functions like temperature sensor.

SDK v1.09

The new version of the C# SDK integrates a test implementation of the Custom-Tag-Command for the tags AMS SL900A and EM 4325.

Reader Suite 1.61.24c
The latest release of the Reader Suite includes the new features for the tags AMS SL900A and the EM 4325. Now you can directly measure the temperature of these two tags with the Reader Suite. For both tags live temperature plots are used to show the measured values.

Get the new Reader Suite and SDK from the RF-Embedded download server.

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